John Gill is the owner, operator and support tech staff, they are also gamers and love playing games like Battlefield 1942, Call of Duty 2, CounterStrike:Source, and World of Warcraft.  John is also an admin for a CounterStrike:Source league.


When you game online you might just catch us, we go by NightShade and Ms. NightShade.



The question of the hour, who are we and why would we want to do this?

Well we are gamers, we play all different types of games and enjoy chatting with our online friends as well.  You can often find us on some BF 42 servers or playing one of the mods, running and gunning on some COD2 servers or shooting it up on some CS:S servers.  John is also a CS:S league admin for a prominent gaming community. 

We do this because gaming is our hobby as well as our therapy, there is nothing like a husband and wife on opposite teams hunting each other and talking about it right after one of us dies laughing about it with our friends.  You can’t buy better therapy than that.  Pretty soon we had people asking us if they could get a Ventrilo server for their clan or guild to use, so we decided what better thing to do that help them out as well.

Why have a server from

Our servers have the ability to use all codecs and qualities, even the speex codec required for Mac gamers. 

We pride ourselves in helping with anything we can, and you may see us on Ventrilo with you just to check and see how things are going and if you need any help just let us know.

We aern't the biggest company out there for a reason, we want to keep the personal touch of interacting with our customers directly, not just hiring some people who work 9-5 and read responses from a book or copy and paste everything as a response.

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